“As a long-standing member of the Amicus Curiae Committees for both ATLA/AAJ and the Alabama Trial Lawyers, I regularly field inquiries seeking recommendations for outside contract appellate help in federal and state courts. I recommend Ned Miltenberg, Tony Roisman, and the National Legal Scholars law firm without hesitation. They are brilliant, savvy and veterans of serious appellate warfare in big cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and around the country. Should you need outside help in serious cases, call them.” — David G. Wirtes, Jr., Cunningham, Bounds LLC, Mobile, AL

“Several years ago, I successfully settled a malpractice case, against very long odds, against a DC university hospital, which was using one of the nation’s best defense firms. We simply could not have done it without the tremendous assistance and guidance we received from Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky and the rest of his NLSLF colleagues. Truly fantastic legal work!” — Patrick M. (“Pat”) Regan, Regan Zambri Long & Bertram, PLLC, Washington, DC

“We hired the National Legal Scholars to defend a multi-million dollar punitive damages award we had won for a regional manager in an employment rights/age discrimination suit against one of the country’s biggest insurance companies. They succeeded in a very difficult forum, where few observers gave us any chance. Erwin Chemerinsky, Jonathan Massey, and the entire NLS team are among the most discerning, creative, and persuasive writers and oral advocates I’ve met in 30 years of practice. Amazingly, they’re also amongst the nicest and least egotistical lawyers I’ve ever known.” — Peter Hardin-Levine, Cleveland OH

“Ned Miltenberg and the National Legal Scholars have helped me and my fellow engineers and scientists several times when our expert testimony¬ or reputation was being unjustly challenged. Their help was invaluable. They are brilliant, indefatigable, cost-sensitive and always willing to listen. I recommend them for the most vexing hardest projects, and I recommend them without reservation.” — Alan Cantor, Founder and CEO, ARCCA, Incorporated, Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL, and Seattle, WA

“I have worked with and for trial lawyers as Executive Director of a trial bar for over three decades. Rarely have I seen the universal respect and confidence that Ned Miltenberg inspires. For Indiana lawyers, the answer to the question ‘Who you gonna’ call?’ is Ned Miltenberg and his team. When it is a appellate war, Ned is frequently picked to lead the charge. Additionally, Ned has provided his unique skill in major legislative battles. His absolute commitment, legal expertise, and creativity have often been the difference that made the difference in protecting plaintiffs’ victories and advancing civil justice in our courtrooms and the halls of the Indiana General Assembly.” — Michaelle “Micki” Wilson, Executive Director, Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, Indianapolis, IN

“[I]t requires real professional skill to win if you are up against a first-class lawyer like Brent Rosenthal.” — Professor Charles Alan Wright of the University of Texas Law School and co-author of the leading multi-volume treatise on federal civil procedure: Charles Alan Wright & Arthur R. Miller, FEDERAL PRACTICE & PROCEDURE (3d ed. 2008), Austin, TX

“I’ve been in business for half a century and worked with dozens of lawyers. I hired Ned Miltenberg, Tony Roisman, and the NLSLF three years ago as constitutional/appellate specialists on my lawsuit against the State of Washington. While we ultimately lost our very uphill fight, hiring them was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and they’ve provided tremendous assistance on several other matters unrelated to that suit. Ned is very hard working, extremely smart, and knowledgeable about many areas, and whatever he doesn’t know his law professor colleagues certainly do! Great idea! Great team!” — Fritzi Cohen, owner of the Tabard Inn, Washington, DC, and the Moby Dick Farm & Oyster Bar, Nahcotta, WA Write the antonym on your own sheet https://college-homework-help.org of paper