ANTHONY Z. ROISMAN –– NLSLF Founding Partner and, as of January 2016, Affiliated Scholar

Harvard Law School, LLB; Dartmouth College, B.A., affordable paper cum laude. Research Fellow in Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College, where he also has served as a Visiting and Adjunct Professor and co-taught courses both in Law and Evidence and in Environmental Law, Economics, innogear 360 solar light and Policy. He was a Member of the Science in the Courtroom Advisory Committee of the National Judicial College, a Member of the Environmental Law Center Advisory Committee at Vermont Law School, and a Member of the American Law Institute (ALI). He has been involved in the litigation of environmental, nuclear, and toxic tort issues before the state and federal courts and agencies since 1969. He was Senior Staff Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (1977-79), the Chief of the Hazardous Waste Section and Special Litigator for Hazardous Waste in the Lands and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (1979-82), founding Executive Director of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ) (1982-87), and Executive Director of the typemyessay Academy of Trial Advocacy. He has been lead counsel or co-lead counsel in several landmark environmental cases including Calvert Cliffs Coordinating Committee v. U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, (D.C. Cir. 1971); and Anderson v. W.R. Grace, (D. Mass. 1986), a case that settled in 1986 and became the subject of both a best-selling book and a popular film, both titled A CIVIL ACTION. He is the author how to delete comments on word of 30 articles and book chapters (including several on Daubert and questions of expert admissibility) published in journals such as GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIV. LAW REVIEW, CARDOZO LAW REVIEW, FORDHAM ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REVIEW, and ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REPORTER, including one with the NLSLF’s Ned Miltenberg, Defending Experts from Daubert Attacks, 32 ENV. L. RPTR. 10980 (2002). He often lectures at the ALI and other groups on expert witness issues and is the founding Chair of ATLA’s Daubert Litigation Group.

Roisman’s teaching, advocacy, and practice focus on environmental and toxic torts and regulation, expert evidence, and appellate law.

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