The National Legal Scholars Law Firm, P.C. (“NLSLF”) is a nationwide law firm composed of twenty-four (24) of America’s leading law professors and other Affiliated (i.e., non-partner/consulting) Scholars, who teach more than 100 subjects and who and practice across the nation and in nearly every court, both trial and appellate.

The scholarship, experience, credibility, and flexibility of NLSLF-Affiliated Scholars make the NLSLF one of the most formidable collections of legal talent in the country. Now, through the NLSLF, small firms have a pool of experienced legal scholars/practitioners that can match up with the best that large firms can muster. We are able and willing to help you in your most important cases, whenever and only for as long as you as you need us, and on terms you and your clients can afford.

Fourteen of the NLSLF’s 24 Affiliated Scholars hold chairs at some of the nation’s top law schools. Six clerked for Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Another six clerked for trial and appellate judges, both federal and state. Two have earned a Ph.D. Nearly all served as Law Review editors at such schools as Harvard; Columbia; Cornell; the Universities of Chicago, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia; and Yale.

For details about the qualifications and areas of scholarship and practice of a particular NLSLF Affiliated Scholar, please click on that individual’s name (listed below).