WHY DO LAW FIRMS DECIDE TO HIRE US?dreamstime_xs_826341

Because we help them win. The NLSLF often may substantially increase the odds of winning a motion or trial, augment the value of a judgment, and improve the chances of preserving a verdict or other victory on appeal. We accomplish such things by combining scholarly research and credibility with practical insights from extensive experience.

NLSLF Affiliated Scholars bring substantial academic research and ready-made credibility to your case because they have co-authored more than 40 of the leading RESTATEMENTS OF LAW, treatises, hornbooks, and casebooks, as well as hundreds of book chapters and law review articles. In a nutshell, we write the books and articles that your opponents frequently quote—and that judges routinely rely upon and cite as authority.

We bring practical insights, too, because we not only ordinarily study the latest trends in the law, but we also regularly practice in courtrooms and in government. (Our Affiliated Scholars average 30+ years in the law). This explains why we often are invited to lecture to the American Law Institute (“ALI”), National Judicial College (“NJC”), Public Justice (formerly “TLPJ”), National Academy of Sciences (“NAS”), American Association for Justice (“AAJ,” formerly “ATLA”), Attorneys Information Exchange Group (“AIEG”), Federal Judicial Center (“FJC”), American Civil Liberties Union (“ACLU”), and the American Bar Association (“ABA”), as well as lecturing at annual federal and state judicial conferences. While attending those conferences, we gain timely insights into which issues are most troubling lawyers and most bedeviling judges, insights that enable us to craft ways to untangle legal knots and to assuage judges’ concerns.